PET-MRI positioning overlays

Medibord Ltd developed a radiotherapy positioning overlay for the very first PET-MRI scanner in the country, at the University College Hospital in London. Co-operation with Siemens and new sites with a PET-MRI scanner has kept us up-to-date with the development of this exciting new technology.

We will be releasing new products for the application in the coming year to help improve cancer treatment.

Why medibord is so effective in combined modality

Originally developed for the MRI scanner, the Medibord material proved very successful in a Linac environment, further trials on PET-CT scanner paved the way for use in PET-MRI systems, when they came on the market. Having proven their worth on the individual scanners the step to a product to suit the combined modality was very manageable.

Medibord has low attenuation to a broad spectrum of radiation, either x-ray, gamma radiation, accelerated ion, or from Beta decay. Furthermore being transparent to electro-magnetic radiation a unique combination for the conception of a PET-MRI compatible is a given.

Medibord overlays

Due to the lightweight nature of the Medibord product the overlay boards can be placed quickly on the couch, requiring little effort and time. This allows optimal use of the PET-MRI scanner for a variety of uses, with or without positioning requirements.

To date we have only provided overlays for Siemens Biograph mMR for abdominal scans, however if you have requirements for another make or specific positioning requirements, please contact us.

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