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MRI compatibility

Medibord is MR safe as well as invisible on MRI scanners making it an ideal material for positioning overlays for radiotherapy planning as and alternative to carbon couch tops for CT scanners


In Radiotherapy for brain tumours the use of MRI is well established. The advantage of enhanced tissue definition and better sizing have been proven over and over again.

The introduction of MRI in the planning was not hindered by distortion and location of MRI images compared with CT images due to the constant shape and ease of referencing of the skull.

For other tumours such as neck, cervix and prostate cancer similar advantages are available if positioning, referencing and immobilisation can be achieve on MRI scanner, CT, but also during radiation therapy.

Our range of MRI overlays with indexing enable radiology and radiotherapy departments to use MRI scanners for planning.

MRI overlay range

Low radiation attenuation

The unique material composition of the thermoplastic composite gives the medibord attenuation values and weight performance similar to carbon fibre products.

Our CT, PET and LINAC couch tops and overlays utilise this low attenuation for ionizing radiation, gamma rays and x-ray.


As we are able to product small series of table tops we are able to react fast to new customer requirements.

The a CT overlay for a GE Brivo scanner was developed and produced in only a few months


All imaging and treatment can be carried out on the table tops of the same material composition. This optimises the compatibility of the imaging and the radiotherapy where dosimetry is concerned

CT & LINAC range

Combined modalities and RF

The MR compatibility and low attenuation give Medibord very advantageous properties for combined modalities such as PET/MRI scanners.

Imaging modalities can now also be combined with real-time RF tracking systems. As medibord is also compatible with RF this opens up exciting new development opportunities


The unique combination of low attenuation and MRI compatibility make the medibord product ideal for new system such as PET/MRI in which MR and PET images are acquire simultaneously.

The single action scan can give more precise image alignment of PET and MRI. It can also give more complete information improving early diagnosis and effective staging of the disease.

Medibord provides accurate alignment reproduction between imaging and radiation treatment.

Real-time imaging and treatment is the future of radiotherapy and the low attenuation and RF compatibility is another example of the unique combination of Medibord advantages.

PET-MRI Products

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