MRI Range

MRI positioning boards

Medibord MRI patient positioning boards are used for patient positioning in radiotherapy and are highly compatible with MRI scanners due to its non-conductible properties. There is a need for patients to be in the exact same position in both planning and treatment, to enable direct, accurate image fusion with images from CT scans.

Not only is the Medibord multifunctional, but it is also highly translucent. This is advantageous for image quality and clarity. Its non-conductive properties make it virtually invisible in MR; without image artifacts occurring . Furthermore, no eddy currents are produced which can generate uncomfortable heat for the patient.

The increase in the use of MRI scanners in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, along with the development of image overlay software, has given rise to the need for flat positioning boards

MRI safe equipment

Provisions for attachments and other inserts can be moulded into the Medibord or included in the fused edging, permitting indexing bars to be located and other positioning devices. The overlay can be fastened with straps or attachments of a bespoke design. The Medibord is fully flexible in design to meet individual needs and requirements.

The Medibord comes in several friendly colours, which patient feedback has revealed it to be less intimidating than alternative products.

MR safe equipment

Medibord complement their range of products with positioning aids which can be used separately or in combination with the medibord couch tops. A composite with a high volume content of glass fibre is used to create high modulus, MR safe products.

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