CT & LINAC Range

CT positioning boards

The CT overlay or positioning board works similarly to the MRI positioning board by providing accurate positioning of the patient. When the quality images of the bones structure from CT scans are fused with the soft tissue definition of MRI scans, a new level of planning data can be achieved; hence there is a growing desire to use a combination of CT and MRI for treatment planning.

Medibord’s CT positioning board have translucent properties and like the MRI positioning board, can be used in multiple modalities. Medibord’s CT boards are economical yet allow for the expansion of machine capabilities. A customized CT head board is successfully being used at the  Nottingham University Hospital where 100% of head and neck cancer patients are presently scanned using the Medibord CT board.

Clinical trials conducted with the Medibord headboards at the Nottingham University Hospital have proved extremely successful.

This particular board has been tailored to the user’s requirements by using inserts allowing immobilization devices to be connected to the board.

Linac Overlays

Medibord patient positioning boards and overlays can be used for radiotherapy in treatment as well as for planning. It is equally important for the patient to be placed in the same position to administer the dose with reproducible repetitive accuracy. Whilst using a Linear Accelerator, the tumour receives a very high ‘one time dose’ of radiation with radiosurgery, and smaller doses over time with radiotherapy.

With the flexibility of design combined with compatibility of the Medibord, the same board can be used in different machines. This allows economic expansion of machine capabilities throughout the radiotherapy process.

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