Medibord US Patent Granted


Medibord Limited's patent for a lightweight and MRI compatible oncology patient solution is now approved in the United States. The patent with the title "Table having a central cellular honeycomb structure thermally fused in a sandwich configuration between two fibre-reinforced polypropylene face sheets" was officially granted in Sept 15. 2015.

The patent approval within such a thoroughly scrutinised industry is of great importance and a big break-through for the British company Medibord Limited. It will give us the protection we need in the market and set us apart from the rest. We have always believed we have a better way of manufacturing the patient positioning boards and with this patent others are not allowed to copy our technology.

The granted status is a milestone that will mark the time for expansion and growth in an exciting new market. It verifies Medibord unique technology and opens up opportunities for significant international collaborations.

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