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About Medibord

Medibord Limited develop, manufacture and supply Radiotherapy Positioning Boards for MRI scanners and other modalities, such as PET, CT, LINAC or combinations of these modalities.

We are a UK manufacturer of lightweight, fibre reinforced thermoplastic patient positioning boards suited for a number of applications in the medical sector. By utilising innovative, non-carbon composites, we produce non-conductive patient positioning boards which can be used across all modalities including MRI, PET-MRI, PET-CT, LINAC and CT imaging systems.

With the challenges facing the world today, there is an increasing demand for the supply of services and products which offer exceptional value for money whilst being innovative and environmentally-friendly.

A breeding ground of innovation is created when these demands are combined with keeping pace with an ever-changing environment. The result of these challenges have been identified and engineered to meet the high demands set by the medical sector through the development and the production of the Medibord; a sustainable, safe solution for radiotherapy patient-positioning and immobilisation.

Patient positioning boards are required in the field of radiotherapy and are particularly important in treatment planning as patients must be placed in the exact same position each time they are scanned for precise location of tumours or when receiving treatment.

Our mission is to develop sustainable, valuable positioning solutions that impact the medical industry positively in order to deliver improved environmental, economic and operational benefits in patient diagnosis and treatment planning.

Medibord Limited

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