New Siemens Overlay Added

With our latest development, the Mirak Overlay for Siemens Skyra and Aera MRI scanners, an overlay solution for a popular new scanner model has been added to our range.

With assistance from Leicester NHS Trust we have engineered a new overlay for both the 1.5T Aera and 3.0T Skyra models.

GE Infill board for Signa

The Infill board for the GE Signa 1.5T table has been overhauled to provide more secure placement on the longitudinal edges of the curved couch top. Indexing is available in both the main overlay as well the extension board.

PET/MRI capabilities

The unique combination of low attenuation and MRI compatibility make the medibord product exceptionally suitable for PET-MRI applications. The first product called Vega was launched for the Siemens Biograph mMR.

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